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Leadership Skills – What Makes A Good Leader?



Having vision is the ability to see where an organization or team is headed, what it is capable of and what it will take to get there. Leaders with this skill are able to communicate their vision in ways that inspire others to rally behind it.

They are also able to frame the vision in terms that are positive and realistic, often times juxtaposing it with a negative alternative – illustrating how bad things would be without fulfilling their vision.


Whether they’re leading projects, teams, departments or entire companies, leaders need to be excellent communicators. This skill can make or break an organization’s success.

Great leadership communication involves delivering information in a way that’s easy for employees to understand. It’s also important to communicate with honesty and brevity.

Decision Making

Effective decision-making skills for leaders can help to boost productivity and ensure that tasks are moving forward in a timely manner. Leaders with these skills are able to quickly and accurately choose between alternatives that will have the greatest impact on the company’s bottom line.


Empathy is a primary trait of a good leader. You’ll find that empathetic leaders take the time to listen and hear out their employees. They also know not to interrupt, but instead to give their team members the space they need.

They understand that their employees are dynamic individuals who must cope with personal difficulties. Therefore, empathetic leaders encourage their teams to openly communicate with them about any problems they are facing at work.