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A Guide To Managing Woodworm Treatment


Woodworm treatment is a form of treatment which is required for properties which have been heavily affected by woodworm. It is a severe issue which can have serious consequences for any structure and its overall structural stability.

Woodworm treatment

How Serious Is Woodworm And What Risk Does It Pose?

Woodoworm poses a fairly serious problem and could lead to significant risk without the intervention of woodworm treatment. There are a number of unique factors that typically lead to woodworm finding itself within a property.

One of the main issues associated with woodworm is that once it has established itself it continues to grow. This means that after a period of only a few months often the woodworm will have already severely weakened or damaged the existing structures that are in place.

It is therefore crucial that immediately after woodworm has been identified that it is adequately treated and dealt with. This is normally best undertaken by a property repair specialist with expertise in this area.

Woodworm treatment

How Can Woodworm Be Prevented?

There are a variety of different ways overall in which woodworm can be prevented. One of the best ways in which woodworm can be prevented is by making some modifications to your property. One of the best modifications you can make is replacing the windows.

Replacing the windows on your property means that you can enjoy better overall heat retention as well as improved energy efficiency. The main way in which the windows will prevent woodworm is by reducing the potential of damp conditions within the property. Typically woodworm thrive in damp and wet environments.

Another way through which woodworm can be prevented is through the use of an air purifier. Air purifiers are machines which can be used to purify the air. They absorb moisture and damp and recirculate the air to ensure that the air is fresh and not damp. This can also help to remove condensation as well as mould from a property.

What Other Property Issues Should Property Owners Look Out For?

As well as the pressing issue of woodworm , there are a variety of other types of property issue that property owners should look out for. One major property issue which can often get overlooked is a damaged roofs. Damaged roofs can be ignored but can eventually lead to further damage.

The longer a damaged roof remains un-repaired the more damage that could be caused to the building overall. In order to ensure a buildings overall structural integrity , it is important that the roof that is fully repaired in order to ensure that it is working effectively and preventing a building from being affected by the weather.

Furthermore , roofs that are damaged can pose health and safety risks to people within the buildings affected as damaged roofs could lead to people being injured from falling debris. It is therefore essential that repairs are undertaken to ensure safety as well as structural stability.

How Much Of An Issue Is Woodworm Treatment?

Overall in summary , woodworm treatment is a significant issue which needs to be adequately tackled. Clearly it can have a significant overall effect on properties/buildings and is normally a clear indicator of additional issues that may be present.

When this issue has been identified generally speaking it is best that it is tackled by a property repair specialist who has experience and expertise within this area.