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Design and Marketing Vs Digital and Social Media Content



The world of today with its technological advancement requires someone to have many skills combined together. This is true for the world of Marketing which cannot be divorced from the world of Design. All designers must have creativity, but for them to be able to enjoy its benefits they must also be good at promoting their creative work i.e. to market. If not well looked into their different ways of thinking approach, the two can be confused to be diverging on the same thing. We, therefore, look into each to see the different approaches.


Is about creativity. In this field, you are supposed to use an approach that tends to lead you towards the direction of empathy, centred attention to user requirements and finally becoming creative. A brief description of the design is all about creating something to be used by people or a certain class of people.

It is also a kind of a style of thinking that involves problems solution and this can apply to anyone. The way it works is always to start from the end user point of view, then reverse to work backwards to go to a start point of creativity. We have many types of designers such as industrial, user interface and graphic designers among many more others.


It is about making strategic plans and decisions on making your products and services sold on the market. It is the actual activity combined with a set of institutions, processes, communication and delivery avenues that enable you to exchange your goods or services with customers for a specific financial benefit. These services and products will have value for the end user and will also have value for you in terms of projected profits.

In order to do proper marketing, research is required to establish who your target customers are and the best ways to make them go for your services and products. You have to build a good link with the consumer through valuable information. The information will enable them to learn about you and it will also create valuable customer leads for you. You will also be able to define your marketing possibilities and opportunities, problems resolution strategies, monitor performance and are able to do an evaluation of your marketing actions. The market research carried out will give you an idea as to the kind of information that is required to take care of all the above-stated issues.

Digital and Social Media

Without content, you will not be able to do marketing and design. They are the ingredients that are required for the effective fulfilment of the two.

Digital Content

It is any kind of content that is in the format of digital data and in another name is known as digital media. This data is found in many kinds of forms such as video files, images, graphics, animations, audio and text data. This content can come about through download files and data files on an electronic medium like songs and eBooks. A good example of digital content is when you sit in front of a computer and watch a video or listen to a song, type and read written information on the computer. The benefit with this kind of data is that unlike the traditional data platforms like data written on paper it can be accessed by a wider audience.

Social Media Content

Is data that offers collective communications between people of all walks of life all over the world through online communication platforms that offers social interactions, sharing of content and full collaboration. The internet has contributed greatly to the achievement of hosting applications and web sites where social media content can be accessed or sent out. Some of the most prominent among the social medias are Facebook, Twitter, Google, Wikipedia, LinkedIn and many more others.