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Email Marketing Services for Small Businesses



Email marketing has proven to be among one of the most efficient ways for a small business to alert potential clients of their services/ products. This method of marketing enables users to share their content and build relationships with their customers – existing and potential as well. An email marketing tool has the capabilities of effectively managing your lists, connecting with your clients, and keeping tabs on your campaigns. Email marketing services will help create your brand’s awareness and loyalty.

Studies have shown that companies which send out automated emails are 133% more likely to send relevant messages that correspond with a particular customer’s purchase history. Automated email campaigns account for 21 percent of a company’s overall email marketing revenue. There are a few essential things that one needs to take into consideration when selecting an email marketing service for their small business.

Why Choosing an Email Marketing Service is Important

Email marketing is all about communicating with customers in a humanised manner and using targeted content to deliver your message. There is a huge list of available email marketing services, some more expensive than others whereas others are integrated with tons of services that will make your marketing campaign that much easier. The service you choose depends on how much your budget is and which key features matter more to your business. Keep in mind that some of these software’s are designed to fit different business sizes, others have packages tailored to fit into every business size and so much more

Does it integrate?

When it comes to digital marketing, one of the most important aspects is your Customer Relationship Management Software (CRM). If you’ve ever had to do it before, then you know how time-consuming and tiring it can be to update lists and send emails manually. This is why it is of fundamental importance to choose an email marketing platform that integrates effortlessly with your CRM in order to provide you with a simple solution for managing your customer data. Look out for software that also gives you an overview of other important metrics such as your email open rate, click-through rates, etc. this will help an entrepreneur see which of their campaigns perform better than others; from here, it is easier to assess your campaign methods and tweak them wherever necessary.

Response handling

Choose email marketing software that allows you to send automated responses. Whether your business is small or large, email response is of vital importance. This service will assist in email responses, giving you time to go through them later and manually respond where need be. Email marketing enables a user to stay in touch with their contacts with automatically generated emails. Examples of some of these include special occasions (such as birthday parties, anniversaries); welcome emails for new members, or thank you emails for any purchase. The most advanced email marketing services offer custom features based on actions (such as opening of an email, when a purchase is made) or inaction (such as unread or deleted emails).

Managing subscribers

A good email marketing service should allow a user to add (export) contacts. Some more comprehensive software’s will enable you to import Gmail and other webmail contacts. Look out for software that automatically updates your contacts removing anyone who has unsubscribed – this will ensure that you do not accidentally contact someone who has opted out.

Understand the package itself

Depending on the best email service you select, you will note that the prices vary from one service to another. For small businesses, I would recommend that you keep an eye out for email marketing plans that come inclusive of unlimited email send per month and bill you based on the number of subscribers; or perhaps a pay-as-you-go plan. Also, note that a few offer money-back guarantees.

Why use email marketing

This software offers business several advantages over any other type of marketing strategies. With email marketing, you will cut costs as it does not require you to print anything not send mail via a post office. This means that your printing and postage fees will no longer be required. If you do the math; your company will incur several pennies to send out an email as opposed to a few pounds of direct mail.

A user will also be able to see which emails were received, which ones were opened, which went to an inactive address, which ones got deleted before they were read, and which ones enticed a client to click through them and revert to your website and make a purchase. This, in turn, will help an entrepreneur strategise better and more successfully.