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Glasgow Boiler Service to the Rescue


The unsung heroes providing boiler repair in Glasgow

It’s that time of year again. The days are getting shorter, the nights longer, the temperature is gradually dropping and leaves are beginning to brown and float down from the trees. For some, the autumn is picturesque and nostalgic of school days playing conkers. However it is predominantly a time to start layering on jumpers and scarves and unfortunately cranking up the central heating. The last thing we want to face at this time of year is a broken down boiler. Thankfully there is a solution for boiler repair Glasgow.

Glasgow Boiler Service

Glasgow Boiler Service offers boiler repair in Glasgow, boiler servicing and emergency boiler repair in Glasgow. The professional boiler company boasts expert engineers who are committed to customer care and safety. This company are accredited by ECMK, Gas Safe Register, CIGA and TSI.

Does Glasgow Boiler Service cover my boiler?

Glasgow Boiler Service specialise in the installation and maintenance of LPG boilers, gas boilers, electric boilers and oil boilers. Regardless of which type of boiler your home has, GBS can assign a qualified engineer to visit your home to assess and repair the damage and get your home back in order again.

Emergency Boiler Repair Glasgow

It is strange to think that not so long ago the average working man did not have access to central heating, especially in Scotland. What was once an extravagant luxury is now a necessity to comfortable modern day living. In the middle of a dark Scottish winter, waking up in the early hours to a broken down boiler is nothing short of a nightmare. Taking a cold shower before heading out into the freezing cold pouring rain? It’s a no from me. Not to mention coming home every night to a house that feels more like a refrigerator. Glasgow Boiler Service offer emergency boiler repair to Glasgow homes. The highly skilled engineers can deal with low pressure, leaks, thermostat problems, radiators not working, odd noises, hot water not working and your boiler switching off. Contact Glasgow Boiler Service for same day repair.

Things to look out for

Unfortunately the cold weather causes a lot of problems in Scotland, and not just for those who would prefer it a few shades warmer. Boilers can become damaged due to cold weather. Problems such as damaged pipes, leaks and mould can develop as a result of cooler temperatures. This means that people living in colder locations could end up spending more trying to resolve problems with boilers. Glasgow Boiler Service do offer boiler servicing in Glasgow as a means to avoid damages developing. Although if you already have a problem that needs dealt with right away you can contact Glasgow Boiler Service for boiler repair in Glasgow.

Boiler Servicing Glasgow

Glasgow Boiler Service recommend having your boiler serviced at least once a year to ensure it is working properly. Also, annual boiler servicing in Glasgow could help avoid any faults caused by cold weather going unnoticed for too long. During your boiler servicing Glasgow you can expect: boiler and control safety testing, carbon monoxide testing, inspection and testing of key boiler components, check for signs leaks and corrosion, flue inspection, parts cleaned, gas pressure check, and complete casing fitted back to your boiler at the end of the service. Having an annual service could avoid the need for boiler repair in Glasgow.

Other services

Glasgow Boiler Service also do boiler installations. If you decide to go for this option, all boilers come with a 10 year warranty. However GBS advise that you still have a yearly service.