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Ground Source Heat Pump Installation For New Energy Alternative


Are you looking for a new energy supply that will be more eco-friendly yet not raise costs? Investing in ground source heat pump installation for your home could solve both of these issues. There are several benefits to having this innovative heating technology implemented in your home.

What is a ground source heat pump?

As simple as it sounds this modern appliance uses ground as a source of energy. The energy is harnessed to power heating appliances around your home such as radiators or even your home’s hot water.

How does the ground source heat pump work?

There are pipes connected to the heat pump that lay below ground, typically in the back garden of your property. The pipe is formed into a loop, the length depends on the size of the garden. Larger homes requiring more heat will need a larger loop. This will be implemented during the ground source heat pump installation. A combination liquid is circulated through the pipe which absorbs heat from the ground and uses it for energy.

Ground source heat pump installation diagram

Why should I use a ground source heat pump?

Although this appliance needs electricity to run, it produces clean renewable energy. Therefore this device is eco-friendly. Ground source heat pumps can also save you money. By using less energy they are more cost effective. Also if you live in Scotland you can save more money by investing in a heat pump. The government have set up a money back scheme called the Renewable Heat Incentive Scotland. Anyone who joins the scheme (by having a heat pump installed in their home) will receive quarterly payments from the government for seven years. As long as you stick with the scheme, and your heat pump, you are guaranteed to get money back! The amount money you earn is based on the amount renewable energy your heat pump produces.

Ground Source Heat Pump Installation

Much like any other installation there are criteria that must be met. These are based on your home. With ground source heat pump installation, the pipes have to be laid in the ground. Therefore a trench needs to be dug into your garden. For rented residencies or shared and communal gardens this may be an issue. Home owners will be able to make these kinds of decisions. The more energy your home requires the longer the pipe needs to be. Trenches for pipes that are looped round vertically are usually 2 metres deep. Again this is something that needs to be researched before agreeing to the installation. Does your garden permit for this kind of construction?

Heat Pump Scotland supply ground source heat pump installation

Alternative to ground source heat pump installation

If your home and garden do not have the capacities to have ground source heat pump installation then you may be eligible for an alternative. An example of this is the air source heat pump. Again the clue is in the name for this appliance. It does not require energy from the ground. They absorb energy from the air so are still eco-friendly however are less effective than ground source heat pump installation.

If you would like to find out more visit the Heat Pumps Scotland website.