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A Guide to Reliable Citizen Watch Repairs


What to do if your Citizen watch gets damaged

We all know that feeling when a prized possession gets damaged. Your heart sinks. Unfortunately with treasures that are worn on hands and wrists, such as watches, they are more likely to get scratched. This is due to the simple fact that we use our hands a lot throughout the day. It is so easy to catch your watch in a door or bump it against furniture by mistake. Unfortunately Citizen Warranties do not cover damage, accidental or otherwise, caused by the consumer. So how do you know which Citizen watch repair service can be trusted? This guide will highlight the benefits of using an extremely reliable watch repair service for UK consumers such as Repairs by Post.

Convenience in Watch Repair

Hypothetically speaking: you have knocked your watch against a piece of furniture. The face is scratched and it doesn’t seem to be working properly. You want to get is fixed immediately. The first problem is you work and live in a small town which doesn’t have suitable watch repair services for your Citizen. You’re not sure the next time you will be able to travel to the nearest repair place. Fortunately Repairs by Post is a Citizen Watch Repair service that will send a secure postal pack that is insured for up to £500. The company will send it back to you once all of the damage is repaired within 14 days. If for any reason it will take longer they will contact you directly. Delays in repairs could be a result of waiting for brand parts to arrive.

Specialists in Citizen Watches

Repairs by Post are a Citizen Watch repairs service that have over 30 years of industry experience in high end horology repairs. Not only can they repair your damaged timepiece, they can give professional advice on cleaning watches belonging distinctly to the Citizen brand. For example how to clean the iconic Citizen watch rubber strap. Repairs by Post horologists know the intimate technology of Citizen Watches. They can advise on details ranging from suitable temperatures to best cleaning methods and battery replacement methodology. This expert knowledge in the prestigious brand is what makes Repairs by Post one of the most reliable Citizen Watch services for UK watch owners.

Responsible and Reliable Citizen Watch Service UK

Repairs by Post have extensive experience in jewellery and watch repairs. They also have expert knowledge on Citizen as a brand. They know what makes Citizen tick. Therefore you can rely on this company to be thorough when fixing your timepiece. They have also set up their postal process to be secure and safe. The postal package is insured up to £500 however if your watch costs more you can arrange for relevant insurance as you drop of your parcel at the post office. In order to give you more piece of mind, this prestigious Citizen Watch repairs service have installed a check in service online. You create an account when you sign up to receive the postal package. On your account you can track your watch as it travels along the Repairs by Post journey.