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Why Not Hire Event Staff to Create Amazing Demountable Buildings?


If you are starting the planning process for your next major event, then we recommend looking into demountable buildings. They are so versatile and can help to create usable, comfortable spaces for either guests or workers at the event. On top of that, it’s becoming increasingly easy to hire event staff to create and build these structures for you, so you don’t have to do any of the legwork.

Today we want to talk about the benefits of using demountable buildings for an event, and why you should hire event staff to help you out with them.

Demountable Buildings for an Event

There are so many different uses for demountable buildings in an event capacity. They can be and are used for a range of different functions, and can be adapted to suit even wackier ideas than those which are listed here. However, here are some of the top uses which event planners can find for their demountable buildings.


Many major events need a central office for the managers and planners to set up camp and continue with their own tasks. Demountable buildings are perfect for this, as they allow you to have a fully functioning office in the middle of a field, for example. They can be set up with electricity and internet to keep management running 24/7.

Demountable buildings like this can be used as offices when you hire event staff.

Storage Spaces

A more simple use for your demountable or portable buildings is as storage. These structures will be far more secure for holding your stock and goods during an event than other solutions perhaps might be. This is a common occurrence at events such as major music festivals which are running multiple bars and need somewhere to store stock.


In some cases, demountable buildings have even been used to create portable bars. These are absolutely perfect for events as they can be moved relatively easily and will take little set up if they are already created with a bar-function in mind.


Lastly, it’s incredibly common for events to use portable buildings in order to provide washroom and toilet facilities. This is usually for event staff or for VIP guests, as an alternative to the classic “Portaloo” often seen at events.

If you are going to hire event staff to create demountable buildings, make sure they are specialists.

Opportunity to Hire Event Staff

For event planners, you should already know that when you get the chance to hire event staff who are skilled and available, you should take it. However, if you opt for installing demountable buildings, it will also pay to hire event staff who are specialised in creating and building such structures. Here’s what you should do when looking to hire your event staff.

Use an Agency

The best thing to do is to use an event staff agency. This way, they can do the hard part, finding the skilled workers who are going to do the best job of creating your portable buildings. They will also handle much of the paperwork and staff planning for you.

Know the Legalities

Knowing the details is essential when it comes to insuring the workers who are building portable buildings for you. There are even more rules and regulation around it than we have time to list. Just make sure you have researched it and are following health and safety recommendations.

Find Specialist Workers

We’ve already pointed this out, but if you’re going to hire event staff, make sure they are skilled in that particular role! Otherwise, you are going to end up disappointed with your demountable buildings on the day.