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The Money-Making Business of Managing Scotland Wedding Bands


Anyone who is currently planning their wedding or remembers the cost of their own might possibly be wondering: why do wedding bands cost so much money? For those who attend gigs often, at music venues or even down the local pub, you may feel you know plenty of bands that are fantastically talented and put on a thrilling performance at a fraction of the cost of “professional” wedding bands. Although that may be true, there are several significant reasons why wedding bands are expensive. Continue reading to have light shed on these facts, plus the chance to learn about the money-making business of managing Scotland wedding bands.

Scotland wedding bands are blocked by dance floor filled with people.

The Pros of Picking Professionals

Scotland wedding bands and most wedding musicians work full-time performing at weddings. The successful bands will have bookings every weekend meaning they are fully committed to focusing 100% on your special day. These types of bands will have all the necessary equipment suitable for wedding venues and will make efforts to build rapport with the venue staff, other wedding vendors and of course the client. When it comes to professional wedding bands it’s about much more than the music, it’s a luxury service that strives to make the happy couples day even more magical. One of the ways wedding bands achieve this is by taking special requests and learning the song for the first dance to absolute perfection. This is one of the main reasons why professionals should be paid more. The expectation of the music, in general, is much higher. It is normal to expect an extremely polished version of every single cover that the band plays with the added ability to ramp up the energy as the night goes on.


Wedding Band Management

With all of that in mind, it is easy to understand why managing not one but several wedding bands can be an extremely profitable business. One Scottish company, in particular, is taking full advantage of these musical assets. Elite Bands is a wedding and function band management agency that has fifteen cover bands, three ceilidh bands, two DJ’s, a piano player and a string quartet on its roster. You can imagine with a register that full there are undoubtedly gigs booked every single week, and likely it is a regular occurrence to have several in one week. Of course, it is not merely the result of realising the demand for professional wedding performers and being able to select musicians with talent. This management company have a system and it is one that delivers excellence time and time again.

Just married couple kiss as they dance their first dance to Scotland wedding bands with guests holding sparklers in a circle around them.

Success with Scotland Wedding Bands

Elite Bands continuously put on stellar performances for weddings and offer a supreme service that keeps the happy couples happy and the guests on the dancefloor. Not only are all of the musicians on the register highly talented and well presentable, but the customer service that comes with it is second to none. Benefiting from such a huge roster, Elite Bands offer every client an emergency replacement band, no matter how last minute. You also receive complimentary showcase tickets and can see your prospective band or bands live before booking.