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All you need to know about The Creative Industry


In the current world, more so in the UK, creative industries are seen to be thriving. This is advantageous to those interested or in the arts industry.

Creative industry sector

Creative industries comprise of TV and film, libraries, IT and computer services, architecture, music, advertising, fashion, publishing, arts and culture, design, games, and music.

Where can you be employed as a creative art graduate?

There is a broad market for those who wish to work in the creative industry. Actually, there are big and small firms which absorb arts graduates. For instance, London has the greatest number of companies that can employ arts people, followed by Yorkshire, East Midlands, West Midlands, and the rest.
The following are some of the well-known firms that employ graduates.

  • In music: Warner music Group, and Opera North
  • In advertising, we have Leo Burnett, AMV, Grey London, and BBDO
  • In TV and film, we have BBC, Channel 4, Earling, Sony Pictures, and Pinewood Studios
  • In design, we have Big Active, Jaguar Land Rover, AKQA
  • In cultural heritage, we have National Galleries of Scotland, English Heritage, National Museum Wales, and National Trust

What to expect in creative and arts industry

There are no fixed working hours as the sectors are many and which may require one to work during the weekends, evenings. Apart from that, if you are a freelancer, then you are your own master in planning when to work and when to rest

The ability to portray and relay the creative skills in all sectors you are interested in

The need to be flexible and independent

There is a wide range of working platforms like theaters, offices, studios, and museums
There may be need of traveling to various places, depending on the type of work
There is a higher percentage that you will be a self-employed or freelancer artist or designer

When new in the industry, you will experience difficulty in finding a job. Most importantly, you need to first make your profile before you can start reaping the benefits.


Challenges facing creative industries in the UK and the world in general

Though the creative industry is seen to be one of the most thriving sectors in the current world that brings returns to the economy, it also has its own issues. The biggest challenge facing this industry is the fact that there is no constant recruitment. This makes most graduates to be unemployed, ending up becoming freelancers.

A trend that is seen in this type of industry is the long internships where the ones undergoing them are not paid. This proves to be unfair for those who are not able to pay for the costs of undergoing the internship like transport. On the other hand, it kills the morale of the graduates, who end up thinking that the career is for the chosen few.

When graduates finish school and venture into the industry, they normally face the challenge of them being forced to deliver high quality yet they have little skill. This has an impact on the feedback the employers give, terming them to be inexperienced. This means that before a graduate goes to work for well established companies, he/she should first gain experience.