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Why Do You Need the Right Website Design?



With as many as 28.8 million small businesses in the U.S., the market is big. Yet, only 20% of small businesses survive through their first year. More importantly, most small businesses – as much as 82% to be precise – fail as they experience cash flow problems.

Going online is what most businesses look at to connect with customers. And creating a website is one of the first things that most businesses in the U.S. would look to do.Yet, just having an online presence doesn’t help. Instead, it is the website design and content strategy that plays a major role in building brand engagement and customer loyalty. In this article, we would be talking about how important is the right website design, and how it could help you improve your ROI.

Understanding the Need for the Right Website Design

As much as 78.2% of the U.S. population are internet users. 82% of U.K’s population log online regularly as well.

With a significant target audience online, small businesses cannot ignore it anymore. The internet is an important channel for reaching out to customers – and creating a website is the first step.

It’s what brings in brand engagement. Customers know about your goals, values and what inspires you – helping build a deeper connection between the customer and you

More importantly, the right website design is:

– User friendly

– Has a fast loading time

– Is user-optimised

– Tailored to your business needs

– Can be accessed from any device, be it a smart phone or a laptop

– Is secure (read HTTPS)

So, an e-commerce website design isn’t what you would need for your company blog. And a company blog’s website design would be very different if you have a personal blog. In all the cases, you need a website design that manages to make a mark and create the right impression, which isn’t easy.

Responsive websites: Playing Your Cards Right

The first step to creating the right website design, apart from focusing on important things like the navigation, is to build up a responsive site and that’s for a very good reason. As much as 50% of the world’s traffic comes in from smart phone users.

You wouldn’t really want to have a website that they cannot access from their smart phone. Think about it.. would you want to lose out on potential customers just because they use their tabs or smartphones to access the internet? Getting a responsive website designed that reformats automatically irrespective of the device being used is just what you need.

How does a mobile responsive website benefit you?

Worried about reaching your audience? Currently, a minimum of 58% of Americans uses a smartphone in their daily lives.

Wondering whether it’s worth the while? There are more mobile phones on this planet than the global population. Have an eCommerce store? A whopping 80% of the people use their mobile phones to shop online. With smartphones, the amount of time that people spend on the internet has almost doubled. With the right design, it becomes a lot easier to market your website too, making it easier for building brand engagement and brand loyalty.