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The Power of the Hand Forklift in Making You More Productive


Have you heard of a hand forklift? Did you know that this humble piece of machinery could be helping you to make your workforce more productive than ever? We decided to look into this tool and see how it can be used by your business, and how it can help efficiency in the long run.

Read on to find out more about the power of the hand forklift.

What is a hand forklift?

A hand forklift is a form of industrial equipment that is often used in industrial environments like warehouses or storage units to make lifting and moving products easier. A hand forklift itself is a manual form of the traditional forklift, although does still take a lot of the strain out of heavy lifting for the staff using it. An example of a hand forklift can be seen in the image below. As you can see, it works using leverage and balance.

This is an example of an orange hand forklift.

What might this equipment be used for?

Most regularly, a hand forklift is used in industrial work environments in order to help life and move goods from A to B. They are most commonly used in warehouses and storage units for lifting the heavier lots, but can be used in a multitude of different businesses to help staff avoid heavy lifting which could cause strain.

What are the benefits of a hand forklift?

When investing in a hand forklift, it is worth considering the vast number of benefits which your company could experience.

  • Staff Morale: Having the opportunity to use different tools and equipment will show your staff that you want to make their jobs better, and will often make tasks less gruelling than they may otherwise have been. This will improve morale immeasurably.
  • Efficiency: By making the job somewhat easier, you will ensure your staff can work at optimum efficiency, moving and loading goods faster. This will make your processes far more productive.
  • Safety: The use of equipment like a hand forklift will reduce the risk of injury and back pain that workers may experience if they had had to lift goods manually. This increase in safety will reduce sick days and also improve productivity.

Where can I find one?

The hand forklift can be found from a number of different industrial retailers providing specialist equipment to different industries, especially in the storage and warehousing sectors. We recommend talking to a business like LLM Handling who have years of experience and will be able to guide you in buying the right equipment for your specific needs and business type. That said, there are businesses up and down the United Kingdom who may be able to provide this for you, so it is worth doing your research to find the best deal for your new hand forklift.