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Tips From Professionals in the Creative Industries


A man strolls into a hotel/restaurant/car repair shop/bar/hotel. The highest probability is that he came across it online. This is due to the higher percentages of consumers accessing such services online according to Google. Around 80% of consumers have been found to rely more on websites to choose or find local businesses. The big question is, how then can you ensure that such customers come across your local business? Through the use of the following four strategies for a great digital marketing which includes; search engine optimisation, social media, website, and advertisements, you can achieve that. The following tips will help you on how to use them.

Advertising tips

  • You should identify then follow the rules of Google, Yahoo and Bing search ads before you run any campaign since they have different formats.
  • Optimisation of the URL displayed in search engine so as it’s relevant to the service or product you promote.
  • Include the keywords in headlines, then copy which closed or match the keywords bided so as to boost chances of ads appearing in the terms.
  • When you use click to call extensions, you should then consider the use of track numbers to help measure and identify the ads which perform best.
  • Capitalise the first letters of the keywords in your ads. Do not get crazy to use all words caps.
  • Use the correct punctuation in your texts.

    Website Tips

If you created a website and have not updated since 2010, it is then advisable you do it. A modern design which is clean is a key to digital marketing and ensures you meet the today’s web standards and best practices.

  • Ensure that your web is mobile friendly.
  • Ensure you complete your website’s metadata(ALT text, description, title tags among others)
  • Add a business blog to your website
  • Optimise your site with local information, for example, Geo-targeted keywords and address to help local consumers access you.

Search Engine Optimisation

  • You should regularly update then promote your business blog to help achieve a higher rank in the search engine.
  • Ensure you enable some share button to help readers easily post content to drive visitors to your site and the social media pages.
  • Optimise Google+ to enable your phone number, business name, even opening hours and location show up for Google local search and Google map results.
  • Just like Google+ local, Yep helps post and complete information on your business.

Social media

  • Review, think then review once more before making a comment or a social media post.
  • Implement social media policy since employee presents your brand both online and in person to permit them share internal information.
  • Ensure you know the origin of a trending hashtag before using it. Failure to do this can lead to some regrets.

Whether you like it or not, it is advisable that you share your brand on the social media. Since most consumers are able to bad and good conversations with you, ensure that you set up certain alerts to notify on some new comments or messages