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Why Your Office Space Should Have Air Conditioning


It’s no secret that staff absenteeism has a huge impact on productivity. Colds, flu, allergies and headaches can all prevent employees from being able to work at their best.

Air conditioning can help to combat these issues. By ensuring the temperature is regulated, the chances of illness in the workplace will decrease, leading to fewer sick days. You can hire air conditioning contractors in Glasgow to provide and install a unit.

Increased Productivity

Many studies have found that productivity increases when employees work in comfortable environments. This is important to everyone, as more productivity allows for a better work/life balance and can lead to lower prices and increased profitability for businesses.

Air conditioning is also necessary for areas where critical equipment such as computers and servers generate heat. The air conditioner takes this heat and disperses it, ensuring the equipment works at its best.

Increased Morale

People simply can’t give their utmost attention to work when they are feeling uncomfortable. This lack of focus can lead to mistakes which negatively affect productivity.

When the air is too hot or too cold, it affects how oxygen flows through the brain and leads to a loss of concentration. This can also make people feel irritable and distracted which makes working conditions unpleasant.

With British summers getting longer and hotter, air conditioning is becoming increasingly important for offices. Air conditioning systems are designed to remove excess moisture from the air, eliminating ‘stickiness’ and allowing for comfortable working temperatures. 

Reduced Noise Levels

Noise can have a negative impact on productivity. It can cause stress and distraction in the workplace, making it difficult to work efficiently. Air conditioning systems have the ability to filter out a lot of this sound, keeping the office quiet and allowing employees to focus.

Air conditioning can also help to keep humidity levels under control. This is important as high humidity can damage electronic equipment and cause documents to become damaged.

Humidity can also affect the performance of certain equipment and cause it to overheat. This can lead to downtime, which in turn can hurt employee morale and productivity.

Increased Efficiency

Being too hot or too cold can have a direct impact on the ability to work and concentrate. With air conditioning, the temperature can be kept at optimum levels so that employees can focus on their work without feeling distracted.

It also helps to reduce humidity in areas such as server rooms allowing computers and other equipment to operate at their best. Many modern air conditioning units are very quiet and you won’t even notice them running in the background.

In addition, air conditioning can help to reduce energy consumption. As seasons change and temperatures drop, air conditioning can be programmed to switch on before staff arrive for a comfortable working temperature.